Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long time

It's been so long i'm not even sure what to write about. We moved into our new house in May. We love it. The backyard is amazing and the kids love to go out and play. Raiden is a very busy little guy. I love it. He talks up a storm and goes and goes. He's testing me right now and trying to get away with saying "NO" to everything! He's hilarious though and constantly cracks me up! The girls are growing so much. They Turned 1 in November. I can't believe we all made it through the first year. There were days I didn't think we would. London started walking around Halloween and Brooklyn started in mid December. Both of them are still eating like little piggys. They love to play in Raiden's room and escape outside whenever they can. Ricky and I still look at them and can't believe it. How did we get so lucky? Ricky switched jobs and is now working for Wells Fargo. So far so good. I've recently started taking a cake class on Thursday nights and I love it. It's a good break for me. All in all we are all doing great. Things are good and we are happy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's about TIME!



Wow, I guess it's about time I posted. Not much happens around here except BABY, BABY, BABY. All 3 of the kids are doing great. Raiden is giving me a little bit of trouble though. He just thinks he can get into whatever he wants and doesn't have to listen to me. I really don't know what to do about it. I don't know if it's that he about to enter his terrible twos or that he's just a naughty little boy. I hope it's just a phase.

The cute little girlie's are growing so fast. They were 5 months old a couple days ago! I can't believe it! They are such happy little girls. Both of them smile and laugh all the time. Brooklyns our little chubbers. I feel like she's double the size of our little London. I'm trying to keep them on the same schedule but it kinda seems like they do whatever they want whenever they want. London loves her tummy and actually just today rolled from her tummy to her back a couple of times.

Ricky and I are so in love with our 3 little kiddies. Some days, like last Sunday, one of us may just have to walk out the door and take a break but in the end, it's all worth it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MAJOR catch up

All three kids are finally sleeping at the same time so I figured i'd better do a major catch up. My life is pretty much "babyland". The girls are doing so good. They're up to 10 1/2 pounds, they sleep 6 to 7 hours a night and have just this week started smiling and interacting with people. Little London has a hard time eating but thats been her since day one. She just takes a really long time and kind of fights it. The girls do pretty much everything at the same time, sleep, eat, burp, hiccup, go potty, but have totally different personalities. London is our little fire cracker and Brooklyn is pretty mellow.Ricky and I are still in amazement that we have two of them. You'd think it would have sunk in by now, but no, not really. Maybe I'm in denial.

Raiden is his crazy old self. He loves the girls. He's constantly having to kiss them or check on them. It seems like everyday he says a new word. I might be the only one that understands it, but he's definitely saying things. He's getting so big.

Ricky and I just had our 6th anniversary. Wow, we're getting old. Rickys work is pretty crazy as you can imagine. Everyone in the world wants to know what Obamas plan can do for them. Funny!!

I'm pretty much just trying to keep my sanity. Everyday I think maybe i'm getting the hang of this and then the next day comes, and I was completely wrong. I guess I just have to take it day by day.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Brooklyns Home!

Our little Brooklyn is finally home. The doctors let her go a few days ago, just in time for Christmas. She is still having a few issues with her apnea so they sent her home with a monitor. It's so annoying!!! It goes off all of the time. Not because shes having an episode, just because she moves or stretches or something, and it's so loud! I can't wait until it's gone. We're not sure how long she'll need it, but hopefully it's not too long. I'm so excited to finally have both of them home. Raidens not quite sure what to think but he's doing pretty good. We've only had one thing thrown at them so far, so I think we're doing okay. I love my little family and am so happy that we're finally complete.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Londons Home!

We're half way there!!! London was discharged and is finally home. She's changed so much in the last two weeks, she's like a different baby. Shes so strong and eats like a little piggy.(most of the time) I'm so proud of her! She works so hard to eat her 43cc and most of the time eats a whole 50. The nurses call the girls little sailor because basically they burp like one. That I can say definitely came from their dad. She's such a good girl but I know she can't wait to have her other half home. Brooklyn is still having some apnea issues but is doing very well. We just need 2 to 4 days of no episodes. They are talking about maybe just sending her home with a monitor. Raiden has had the stomach flu for like a week now but is finally acting normal today. He doesn't even know he's got a little sister sleeping upstairs. We're trying to keep them apart until we're sure he's not sick anymore. We're hoping and praying that in a few days we'll be a complete healthy family!! That's all we want for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My beautiful baby girls were born Sunday November 30th at about 6pm. London weighed in at a whole 5 pounds 1 ounce and Brooklyn weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. The labor was a dream delivery. I pushed just about twice and we had our little London and about 5 minutes later, along with her 2 GALLONS of fluid came Brooklyn. Yep, Brooklyns bag of water had two full gallons. I'll never forget everyone just standing back waiting while the water POURED OUT OF ME. It was actually pretty embarrassing. Pretty quick after they were delivered I had some complications and needed quite a bit of blood and some other medicine they were pumping in me so for the first two days I was pretty out of it. What I was aware of though, was that I didn't have my sweet baby girls with me. They were taken to the intensive care unit so they could get strong and grow. It's now been 9 days and they're still there. I never dreamed how hard it would be to go deliver a baby and leave the hospital without one. (or two) My heart breaks every time I go down there and see them laying in there little beds all alone. They need their mom to cuddle and love them and I need them. I have to fight everyday to stay strong and hold it together so I can recover and be ready for them to come home. They are absolutely beautiful and have captured the hearts of everyone in the hospital. Most people can't tell them apart but Ricky and I can. Brooklyn is a little more narrow around the temple and eye area and London has a rounder face. I can't wait for them to come home but right now we're not sure when that will be. They just need to eat consistently and we can bring them home. I am so blessed that all they need to do is eat. So many other things could be wrong and they could be really sick. I love my sweet baby girls so much. I wonder everyday why I was chosen to be blessed with such miracles.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Shower

I'm so Lucky!!! I have the best mom and sisters ever. They just gave me my baby shower and it was just perfect. It was all pink and fluffy and everything girly, just the way I've always dreamed my baby girl shower would be. So many people came and were so giving and gave me two of everything I got. It was so much fun. Thanks to anyone and everyone who had anything to do with my amazing shower, I love you all.